Antique Porcelain Figurine Madona with Child ROYAL DUX Czechoslovakia 1920's

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    Made in Czechoslovakia, ca. 1919
    Following the end of WW I, Bohemia, the home of Royal Dux, was united with Slovakia and Moravia to form a new nation, Czechoslovakia. This change was reflected in the phrase "Made in Czechoslovakia" which appeared in Royal Dux marks around 1919 (Figs. 7-9). The letter E continued to be impressed in the center of the pink triangle and "Royal Dux Bohemia" impressed around the oval.
    Made in Czechoslovakia can appear joined to other Royal Dux marks or can appear separately at a distance from other marks. Typical colors for stamped ink marks include green and a reddish-pink.

    This signature was used ca. 1919 year.

    It is very good condition, no cracks and chips.

    Height 19 cm, width 13 cm.

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