Unique Set of 5 Figurines Musicians - VEB Unterweissbach - German Pocelain - 1950's

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    I would like to offer set of five figurines stamped VEB Unterweissbach.
    They presents musicians group.

    This signature was used ca. 1958 year.

    Description: excellent condition, no damages.

    Measures: height 4.5-8.5 cm.

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    History note:

    V.E.B. Unterweißbacher Werkstätten für Porzellankunst (1953 until 1990)
    On March 5th 1953 the company was nationalized and during 1970, it was integrated into the ⇒V.E.B. Vereinigte Zierporzellanwerke Lichte combine. This allowed the Unterweißbacher factory to re-adjust its profile and continue with more traditional designs, resulting in motifs like pompous coaches of state or groups of people, both showing scenes from the 'Grand Siecle' period in finest detail. Hunting scenes or seasonal motifs were also part of the unmistakable reportoire that was always determined by excellent craftsmanship. Highly acclaimed artists like Kurt Steiner, a former teacher at the prestigious drawing school in Lichte, created chess pieces and groups of musicians or harlequins. Gustav Oppel, known for his fantastic modelling skills or Heinz Schober and his wonderful artistic interpretation of hunting scenes - they all added to the wonderful pieces that made the Unterweißbacher Werkstätten unforgettable.

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