Royal Copenhagen

UNIQUE Royal Copenhagen - Antique Urn / Vase - 1900's - Decorated Mascarons & Fishes - First Quality - Danmark - Royal Porcelain

$228.27 $380.46

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    For sale unique urn Royal Copenhagen.
    The mark was used between 1894-1923.

    The urn is decorated with mascarons and fishes (foots).
    Hand painted by the Royal Copenhagen.

    urn is in mint condition,
    lid was glued ( little visible).

    height 23 cm, diameter 12 cm.

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    Each and every piece of Blue Vluted porcelain from Royal Copenhagen
    is produced today as it was 200 years ago.
    All essential details are executed by hand, paying particular attention
    to precision of design and respect for the traditional craftsmanship.
    As a result each piece is unique, no two hand-painted pieces of porcelain
    can be said to be identical.
    A hand guides each brush stroke, resulting is pattern variations and
    in imperceptible cobalt blue colour nuances, giving a beautiful
    expression in creativity, on each piece of porcelain.
    Royal Copenhagen's porcelain is dishwasher proof and is created for those
    who demand both quality from life and its surroundings.