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Antique Porcelain Creamer & Sugar Bowl - Silesia Tiefenfurt - K. Steinmann - 1920's

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    For sale antique porcelain set sugar bowl and creamer Silesia -Tiefenfurt.
    This signature was used in the 1920's.

    Description: excellent condition.

    sugar bowl: diameter 13 cm, height 6 cm,
    creamer: height 10.3 cm.

    There is not much information on the business of Kuno Steinmann and many sources only state that he at one time imitated the KPM Berlin eagle mark and added the initials 'K.S.'; the same sources also claim that this mark was used around 1840. This however conflicts with the documented founding date of 1868, so either there was a former Steinmann-owned decoration business involved or the mark never belonged to Steinmann.
    Business at first was concentrated on producing normal tableware but Steinmann soon increased the product range, adding decorative porcelain and many very well decorated coffee and tea sets that were mainly intended for export to the US as well as East India and Australia. The company later on also introduced an own Old Ivory series just like Reinhold Schlegelmilch and the ⇒Porzellanfabrik Hermann Ohme. Many Ohme collectors regard all other manufacturers as being imposters on the Old Ivory market but one should keep in mind that the German termed Elfenbeinporzellan had been produced by others much earlier and Old Ivory was simply a rough translation which had also been used before.
    Compared with many other companies the factory had a fairly constant workforce over time and it appears that every expansion process was very well planned. Steinmann preferred factory modernization over employing numerous new workers and so the numbers show 225 workers for the year 1905 followed by 250 workers in 1913 and 260 workers for 1930. Following the worldwide economic crisis in 1929 the factory shifted away from porcelain and concentrated on oven proof ceramics.

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